When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3

The First Days of Jesus Giveaway

We desire to equip you with resources in order to encourage you as you advance God’s kingdom. You must submit an entry at the link below with your full name, email address and a brief comment on how you plan to use The First Days of Jesus in ministry or otherwise. Your mailing address must be in the United States. We will review all entries, then decide upon the winners. You may not enter more than once. You’ll be notified by the end of November if you’re one of the... Read More

The Top 5 Issues College Students Face Today

Today’s college students face many challenges. I know. Two of my children are currently in college, and one of them graduated from college a year ago. Without aiming to be comprehensive, five of the major issues college students face, based on my unscientific survey of my children and some of their friends, are the following: (1) busyness and overcommitment; (2) sexual purity; (3) relationship anxiety; (4) lack of direction and uncertainty about the future; and (5) religious doubt and... Read More

3 Ways to Pursue Excellence for the Glory of God

Why pursue excellence? Biblically speaking, we should pursue excellence not because we’re motivated to boost our ego or to achieve success, but because our glorious, excellent God deserves no less, and because he’s created us for excellence and has called us to pursue excellence for His glory. How Should We Respond to God’s Excellence? What’s our proper response to God’s excellence? I believe Scripture tells us that we can do so in primarily three ways: (1) proclamation; (2)... Read More

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